70 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach QLD 4507

Social Bowls

New members, young and old, beginners and experienced bowlers, are always welcome at Solander Lake Bowls Club. Bookings essential.

Our well maintained greens are ideal for competitions whether it be Inter Club games, Club championships, or social lawn bowls.

All social games start at 1:00pm (be there by 12.30pm) unless otherwise advertised, and are all optionally gender mixed.

Daily Social Bowls Competitions

Tuesday: PM: Club Select Triples.
Wednesday: PM: Self Select Pairs.
Thursday: PM: Self Select Triples.
Friday: PM: Self Select Pairs (2 games of 11 ends).
Saturday: PM: Club Select Triples.
Sunday: PM: Scoungers (non-members welcome) – (not every week so check at the Club).

All games fees are $12.

All games are optionally gender mixed. For PM games, please arrive before
12.30PM for 1PM games.

Social Bowls – Conditions of Play

Roll-Up Policy

The following guidelines are to be used when requests are made to have roll-ups at SLBC.

One of the following criteria must be met for permission to be given for a roll-up:
1. Must be a member of SLBC or
2. If a member of another club, that club must be connected to SLBC
through affiliation with Bowls Australia or
3. Must be a guest of a current SLBC member where the member is in

If there is a large group of people requesting a roll-up, they should be directed
to our Visit-In Coordinator for a possible Visit-In process as space on the greens
may not be possible on roll-up times.

People wanting a roll-up must wear authorized bowls shoes, rubber flat soled
thongs will suffice as an interim.

Roll-up times are 10am till noon, Tuesday through Sunday (although greens
will not be rolled on Sundays). The Greenkeeper board above the mat box
must be checked before commencing a roll-up to find out what green/s and
direction/s are to be used for the roll-up. The Greenkeeper has the right to
close the greens to roll-ups at any time and this will also indicated on the
Greenkeeper board.

Roll-ups can not be undertaken on a green where official SLBC games are being

A Roll-up Fee of $5 for non-SLBC-members applies, which can be paid at the

Approved Footwear

As you are aware, we at Solander Lake Bowls Club are rightly proud of our 2 Greens which are
of the highest quality.
Our Greenkeeper, Dan, has over 20 years’ experience and continues to work very hard to
maintain our Greens and provide us with a high standard playing surface.
To maintain this level and to avoid damage it is essential that we wear the correct footwear
whilst playing and/or practicing at roll ups.
It has been noted that recently there are a number of bowlers who are wearing inappropriate
footwear. While the overall numbers are relatively low, the trend seems to be increasing. This
is of concern and cannot continue.
Whenever you are on the Greens, you MUST wear Bowls Australia (BA) Approved Footwear.
Attached to this notice is a list of all bowls shoes which are currently approved by BA. If your
shoes are not on the list they are not acceptable and you will need to take action immediately.
The Committees and the selectors on any given day will be looking to enforce this by asking
potential offenders to inspect their shoes. Please don’t be offended if someone taps you on
the shoulder and asks to check your shoes.
Smooth soled thongs are acceptable for roll ups and other casual bowls activity.
If you have any questions please speak to our Greenkeeper, Dan or a member of your Bowls

Approved bowls shoes
All approved brands of bowls shoes can be found at the Bowls Australia website using the link below:
Footwear – Bowls Australia