70 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach QLD 4507

Dawn Stanton – SLBC Founding Member

The death occurred on 7 November of Dawn Stanton, a name synonymous with the Solander Lake
Bowls Club. It was she who, with others, had the drive to establish and develop a Ladies’ Bowling
Club following a decision taken on 25 March 1979. She was involved physically in clearing the land
and establishing the green.
A cork all weather green was built with the advice of the Jamesons who had experienced them in
New Guinea. First a coating of bitumen was sprayed and then 70 bags of granulated cork were
rolled onto the top, before being sprayed green. A building called The Hut was moved onto the site
to be used as a clubhouse and the Solander Lake Bowls Club was officially opened on 22 November
1980 with Dawn as its Foundation President. In those early days, the club was the social hub of
Banksia Beach. It was the venue for Friday night meals, live shows and bingo, all fund raising
ventures to develop and improve the club.
Men were Associate Members and any suggestions from them had to be passed by the Ladies’
Committee. Evan Griffiths recalled the “fun” he had getting approval for the grass greens in 1985. In
1993, the administration of the club was taken over by a Board of Management with the Ladies’ and
Men’s Committees to run the bowls.
Not only was Dawn a strong determined leader, she was also a very accomplished bowler who made
her mark at Club, District and State levels. She was involved with the Ladies’ Committee from its
instigation in 1979 to her death in 2015. At the time of her passing she was still a Committee
member and a selector of Pennant and Super Challenge Teams. She was the first Life Member of the
club and one of the 2 greens bears her name. A tribute Bowls afternoon will be held on 8 December
and an annual Dawn Stanton Memorial Day will be introduced into the bowls calendar from May,
Evan Griffiths tells the story of a break -in. The Club had installed a silent alarm which, one night,
went off at the home of the Secretary, Dawn Stanton. She immediately called Evan who raced down
to find 2 intruders. He allowed one out, but detained the second and had him restrained on the
floor when Dawn burst in brandishing a shotgun. He assured her that it wasn’t required. They duly
handed the offender in to the police and returned home. The alarm went off again, the other
offender had returned, once again Evan detained him and once again Dawn burst in with her gun.
That sums up our Dawn. The Club was her pride and joy and she maintained that interest to the very
end. We can safely say we will never see the likes again.
Dawn Stanton, Solander Lake Bowls Club salutes you.