70 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach QLD 4507

SLBC Special Events

30/06/24 – State of Origin bowls event
Queensland managed a 2-1 win of NSW in the Finals games.
A fun filled day, played in fantastic spirit and under great weather conditions, was had by all who took part as shown in the photos below.
The organizers were pleased that nobody “attacked any opponents head” and thus no need for any send offs!!
The Maroons wish the Blues the best of luck in their preparations for next years encounter.

19/05/2024 Men’s 2 Day Carnival
Winner: Tom Nathan, Jesse Turnbull, Steve Springate & Todd McIntosh.
R/U: Shaun Kelly, Peter Drake, Doug Smith & Greg Caplick.
3rd: Anthony Hughes, Darren Muir, Xavier Parkinson & Adam Dunleavy.
4th: Barrie Kinnear, Alex Kinnear, Neil Feazey & Gary Fowler.
5th: John Gemmell, Steve Jameson, Andy Iver & Paul Ollier.

26/02/2024 Men’s WILKIES Prawn Day
Winner: Peter Adams, Wally Simmonds & Allan Thorp.
R/U: Andy Storm, Kim Ford & Ewan Bateman.
3rd: Greg Caplick, Nev Jamieson & Pater Darke.
4th: Chris Avenell, Paul Ollier & Peter Hodgson.

Mixed Twilight Handicap Triples – February 2024
Overall Result
1st: Deb Hill, Matt Dickson & Rob Dickson.
2nd: Terri Curtis, Barry Curtis & Peter Hodsgon.
3rd: Paul Boldero, Cheryl Dann & John Dann.

Men’s Twilight Handicap Triples – January 2024
Overall Result
1st: Chris Treacy, Wayne Mitchell & Greg Caplick (& Jim McKenzie).
2nd: Ian Boast, Brett Sellars & Glenn Merrin.
3rd: Adam Dunleavy, Ian James & Anthony Hughes.

30/09/2023 Men’s Beer & Beef Day
Winner: Bill Bradshaw, Brett Sellars & Glenn Merrin.
R/U: Adam Dunleavy, Kelvin King & Anthony Hughes.
3rd: Kerry Taylor, Chris Perkins & Brett Pritchard.

Ladies Consistency
Final – Saturday 16/09/23 9.00AM
Cheryl Dann defeated Robyn McLean.

10/09/2023 Mixed 2 Bowl Triples
Winner: Nerelle Andersen, Peter McCarthy & Ross Weir.
R/U: Janet Gray, Karen Perkins & Paul Gray.
3rd: Barb McNeill, Bob Dobbinson & Richard Strawbridge.
4th: Chris, Kevin Thorton & Zeke Elmore.
Lucky Team: Lisa Sandling, Brett Sellars & Glen Merrin.

02/07/2023 Redsell State Of Origin Bowls
Winner: Queensland
2nd: New South Wales
Queensland now leads at 7-3 in years won.

18/06/2023 Super Sunday
Winner: Orange Team – Chris Avenell, Tom McCormick, Betty Rudd, Brad Storey, Ron
Boddenberg, Pat Samuelson, Tony Grimmond, Steve Ross, John Dann, Neil Feazey.
R/U: Green Team – Steve Jameson, Michael Fitzpatrick, Stan Hillen, Daryl Stumbles, Val
Paul, Allan Matheson, Steve Todd, Barry Curtis, Carol Langley, Declan Dawson.
Lucky Draw: Yellow Team – Val Jones, Lyn Shorter, Marieke Moore, Vernon Dean, Logan
Hughes, Mike Whiteside, Ted Parker, Glenn McCarthy, Trevor Rolfe, Rob Henshaw.